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07th November 2018 - MARISA IONIAN TRIAL Planned for the end of November 2018

The MARISA Phase 1 cross-country trial in the Ionian sea will take place at the end of November 2018. The trial will be hosted by the the Italian Navy (ITN) and Hellenic Ministry Of Defence (HMOD) in close collaboration with Leonardo, Satways, GMV, Aster, Luciad, CMRE, INOV, InovaWorks, Engineering, e-GEOS and UniBo. The Ionian trial scenario exploits the MARISA capability to support cooperation between ITN and HMOD. The surveillance scenario covers human trafficking in the sea route between Corfu and Italy involving many different kinds of vessels and in particular small non-cooperative boats in a high traffic density area. Two MARISA toolkits will be installed in Italy and in Greece to detect suspect behaviour, relevant alarm(s) will be assessed and, if need-to-share, propagated to the MARISA Toolkit node in neighbouring country.

The following MARISA Toolkit services will be demonstrated during the Ionian Trial:

  • - Behaviour analysis and anomaly detection
  • - Integration of ship detections from satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images
  • - Integration of maritime security and safety events extracted from open sources
  • - Integration of sea environment awareness detailed daily/hourly forecasts
  • - Vessel route extraction
  • - Correlation with most used, recurrent maritime routes
  • - Track and Common Operational Picture (COP) fusion
  • - Exchange of alarms and anomalies between ITN and HMOD for coordinated decisions and actions
  • - Human Computer Interface (HCI)
  • - Big Data Infrastructure

Trials validation results will be collected and assessed as well as feedbacks and lessons learned that will be used in Phase 2 of the MARISA project to improve the MARISA toolkit development and provided capabilities.

31st October 2018 - MARISA MIDTERM PROJECT REVIEW will take place in Athens on the next 14th and 15th November

The MARISA project has completed the first reporting period on the 31st October 2018. The activities in the reporting period included the first iteration of the MARISA life cycle (Phase 1), from statement and finalization of user needs, MARISA toolkit design, development, integration, setting-up and, finally, execution of trial sessions to validate MARISA through selected scenarios. The validation in Operational Trials is in progress and it is planned to be completed by the end of December with the delivery of the validation results.

Phase-1 Work Logic

All the above activities and the related deliverables will be presented to the Project Officer during the Mid-Term Project Review, which will take place in Athens, Greece at H-MOD premises on the next 14th and 15th November.

click 14th September 2018 - MARISA North Sea Operational Trial successfully hosted

The first MARISA North Sea Operational Trial was successfully hosted by the Netherlands Coastguard on 12th and 13th of September in Den Helder. The Netherlands Coastguard organised a dedicated training exercise “MARISA_Alert” with three relevant operational scenario’s in Maritime, Security and Safety domain. The MARISA_Alert exercise involved three ships of the Netherlands Coastguard: The watch ship "Guardian", patrol ship "Visarend" and support ship "Terschelling". The three ships sailed ‘anomalous patterns’ as specified in the MARISA North Sea Trial scenario’s . The MARISA Toolkit was connected to a live feed of the Coastal Surveillance System during the demonstration of the MARISA North Sea Trial. The MARISA Toolkit was situated in the Netherlands Coastguard back-up operations facility in Den Helder. The MARISA Toolkit services successfully captured, processed, analysed & visualized in real time the maritime big data stream. The MARISA Toolkit services for anomalous behavior detection triggered live ‘alerts’ for the Coastguard vessels sailing ‘instructed anomalous patterns' during the training exercise MARISA_Alert.

1th September 2018 - MARISA North Sea Operational Trial planned

We are pleased to announce the MARISA North Sea Operational Trial on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of September. The North Sea Trial is hosted by the Netherlands Coast Guard. The Netherlands Coast Guard organises a training exercise MARISA-Alert involving in parallel the operational legacy system for operational training and the innovative MARISA Toolkit implementation for the North Sea.

15th June 2018 - MARISA 1st Workshop has been held


A successful 1st MARISA Workshop, with internal and external end users, has been held at TNO premises in The Hague, The Netherlands on 14th June 2018. The objective of the 1st MARISA Workshop was to present and discuss the novel techniques and algorithms implemented in the MARISA H2020 project to enhance maritime surveillance awareness capabilities by correlating and fusing various heterogeneous and homogeneous data and information from different sources, including Internet and social networks.


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